Pasta Dinners

2016-2017 SEASON


The following chart shows the host families for the Boys Swimming & Diving 2016-2017 pasta dinners. Pasta dinners start right after practice. See the Pasta Menu page for a description.

Parents, who are not hosting, are asked to contribute food and drinks for the dinners. Coordinate with the hosting parent.

If you can no longer host, or provide food, please arrange to switch with another family and contact Jackie Breeden.

December 19, 2016The Captains and Their FamiliesAngelina's TrattoriaLinda Meli-Lefebvre
January 5, 2017Adler Family3 Pine Tree
January 12, 2017Quinn Family18 Bridge
January 17, 2017Nadel Family77 Sturges
January 24, 2017Ferrone & Breeden Families12 Newtown